Dear Friends & Family,

We are extremely excited to see you in September and are honored that you will be celebrating our special day with us. We promise you'll have a memorable time because together the two of us are a very entertaining couple! As for me, there will be no drama and no tears if the cake or flowers aren't perfect. I'm not a bridezilla! And Chris, well he just wants to say "I do" and start the honeymoon. Just so you know, our wedding ceremony will take place in a beautiful flower garden at a vineyard ( and will continue on to an on-site reception indoors. It will be a fabulous time with delicious food, wine, spirits, music and dancing!

Chris and I are planning to arrive in Calistoga on Thursday morning for the afternoon rehearsal from 4:00pm to 5:00pm, and we will spend the night in separate hotels (not sure where yet). We will spend Friday, our wedding night at the Mount View Hotel in the center of downtown for those of you who are interested in staying at the same place (book now), although please note that they only sleep two per room. Most of the hotels on Lincoln Avenue are walking distance from each other (take note of those that are a little further). On Saturday, we would love to spend the day with everyone and have the chance to visit more since weddings go by so quickly.

Then, depending on what our out-of-town guests plan to do, we have the option to stay in Calistoga one more night (Saturday) or go back to San Francisco (closer to the airport). If many of you wish to spend your last night in San Francisco, we would love to have everyone over to our home for a barbecue in our courtyard either Saturday afternoon or evening. We have a lovely patio and courtyard with large tables, several chairs and a couple of grills-- what a better way to end the weekend than to have a casual party at our home!

Therefore, please plan your hotel needs for Thursday and Friday and then consider whether you'd like to stay in Calistoga a third night or book in San Francisco. I can look into hotels near our home, or if you have an area in mind let me know (I'm happy to help you find something). Keep in mind that we live in a very convenient, central area of San Francisco, close to the subway and street cars. You have more time to book in San Francisco since the hotels are not as limited.

Stay tuned for the addition of "Things To Do" page for information on wine tastings, winery tours, hikes, hot air balloon rides, spa services and more. There is a lot more to do in wine country than just drink wine. I will also add a "Timeline" page to give everyone an idea of the schedule so they can plan around it.

If you have any questions whatsoever don't hesitate to call or email either one of us. We want to make your Napa Valley experience the best one you could imagine. Oh, and we hope you enjoy our wedding too!

Much Love,
Christina & Chris